Vintage car hire without driver in Verona

Hire a vintage car for a rally

Noleggiare una vettura d'epoca per un raduno

The Historical rallies of sports cars or vintage cars are held in almost every Italian region every year.
Did you know that participating in vintage car rallies is not a luxury for owners of historic cars alone?
Did you know that you too can enjoy the privilege of traveling to the past in the world of four-wheeled engines?

My name is Davide,
and with Classic Drive Rental I want to make everyone live the dream of driving a vintage car. I desire to make my recognized cars of historical and collectible interest available to those who, for one or more days, want to feel like protagonists of the history of vintage cars.
Gatherings of vintage, sports, classic or luxury cars are the right occasion to experience the world of historic motoring. These meetings give the opportunity to experience unique emotions and to be part of an extraordinary event in which the past meets the present.

Vintage car hire for historical gatherings

You can walk along with us, participating in the creation of moving car exhibitions. You can share the love of driving with a community of enthusiasts. You can develop lasting relationships to preserve and pass on the history of the automobile. You can rent one of the cars available and start immediately by registering for the various appointments.
The car fleet consists of cars from the seventies and eighties:

Each model is serviced and inspected and subjected to all security checks to ensure you travel confidently.
Each model of my collection is suitable for driving on our roads. In the restoration, it was my first goal to respect the nature of the car, maintaining the typical and peculiar characteristics of the individual models. Professionalism and passion for driving on the road are the values that have led my every business choice.
If you, like me, are nostalgic for the years gone by, you can understand what it feels like to tighten the wheel of a collector's car. Or the thrill of living with the roar of the engine of a car that made history.

Historical tourism on a vintage car

  • You can choose to hire a car even for a short time; for a historical gathering, or for a trip out of town with a retro style.
  • You can decide to enjoy a weekend on a vintage car, and have some special romantic days.
  • You can organize an entire vacation on a vintage car; the vintage car is perfect for enjoying the beauty of the most evocative places of Italy.

Our territory is full of walled cities, medieval castles and ancient villages that you can really appreciate if you them on a car of the past. Taking a journey in a vintage car increases the feeling of movement, travel and time. It is no longer a simple movement from one place to another, but a real amalgamation with the charm of the past. Start organizing a cultural trip with your friends, consider also the mean of transport. With a vintage car among the Italian beauties, you will feel yourself an integral part of that beauty.

Contact me, to make an appointment and view all the vehicles on site.

Included services:

  • Car hire without driver of the vehicle
  • Roadside assistance 24/7
  • RC Insurance coverage, theft, fire and crystals
  • 150 km mileage limit (€ 1.00 per excess kilometre)
  • Maps and suggested tours of the area

Services not included:

  • Car hire with driver
  • Gasoline consumption: full tank - full tank, penalty € 20.00 in addition to gasoline consumption
  • Motorway tolls, parking lots and any fines
  • Off-site pick-up and drop-off: € 1.00 per km (round trip)

Driving requirements:

  • At least 23 years of age
  • 5 years of licensed experience
  • Credit card guarantee (Visa or MasterCard), PayPal account

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