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Alfa Romeo Duetto spider aerodinamica 1984

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Our car:

Our Alfa Giulia Spider entered our garage after a thorough search among cars forgotten by time, by the road and by iddle restorations.
It was registered in Pistoia in June 1984 , strangely still carries its first registration plates (in that period if the residence was changed to another region it was necessary to replace the license plate of the car), subsequently it was moved near Livorno for 20 years to finally settle in Bergamo.
It was in Bergamo where the original iron wheels were replaced with a more sports like series in the famous firm Fondmetal.
The last owner, meticulous and devoted to the historic Alfa brand, arranged and cared for all the ailments that the car carried, due to the time and the delicacy of the bodywork always victim of rust attacks. The aquamarine color code 365, very special, has been produced for a few specimens and does distinguish ours from the classic red Alfa of larger circulation.
Inspectioned and controlled, It is also registered as a car of historical and collecting interest .
Our Alfa Giulia Spider is ready to be hired to transport you to the hills of Valpolicella and the fantastic landscapes of Lake Garda, thanks to its well-known powerful engine and great flexibility.


The "Spider" definition derives from the term Speeder which means faster.
The articulate technical and aerodynamic improvements applied to the Giulia by Alfa Romeo made the spiders faster than the sedans despite being sturdier and heavier to make up for the lack of the supporting structure of the uprights and rigid roof.
The car was very much appreciated in the United States, market where it has undergone adaptations due to the strict safety and pollution regulations that at that time differed from the milder ones enforced in Europe .
La Giulia owes much of her fame to the 1967 film "The graduate" with Dustin Hoffman, which is also the reason of its nickname "Graduate " .
In addition to the nickname, derived from the film, there many others: Cuttlebone; Boat tail; Aerodynamic. This also served to distinguish the various evolutions of series , but its original name is Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider .
It is one of the cars with longest production runs from Arese production house, the first model in 1966, the last in 1994.
Our spider falls into the period of the third series "Aerodynamics" named due to the style variations made in the back with the installation of a big spoiler of mixed material that completely changed the line.
Compared to the previous series the front lights were redesigned and the rear fog lights were introduced .
Presented by Pininfarina, the creator of the design, at the Barcelona show in 1974, as a concept until the end of production, it continues to undergo styling redesigns and then its 4th series had bumpers with a much more tapered and sober colour.
The available engines were 1600 cc and 2000cc, mainly aimed to the foreign market. In 1986, The green clover edition goes into production with 2000cc engine.
Produced 124,000 pieces, it remains a great example of Italian automotive taste and technology.

Data sheet:

Brand Alfa Romeo
Model Giulia Spider
Fitting 3th series
Year 1984
Engine 4 inline cilinders, liquid cooled
Engine displacement 1598 cc
Power 104 hp
Drive wheel Rear drive wheel
Weight 1020 kg
Fuel type Gasoline
Seats 2
Gearbox Manual

Rental rates for this car:

5 hours 1 day 2 days 3 days Extra day 1 week
€ 250 € 350 € 550 € 750 € 150 € 1.460
  • Prices include VAT.
  • 5-hour rental: delivery and collection are not included in the 5 hours, the car must be collected and delivered to our premises.
  • 1 day rental: pick-up from 08:00 and drop-off by 19:00 at our office (penalty of € 20.00 for every half hour of delay)
  • 2 or more day rental: pick-up from 08:00 of the first day and drop-off by 19:00 of the last day at our office (penalty of € 20.00 for every half hour of delay)

Extra services:

  • Flower fitting for events
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Included services:

  • Car hire without driver of the vehicle
  • Roadside assistance 24/7
  • RC Insurance coverage, theft, fire and crystals
  • 150 km mileage limit (€ 1.00 per excess kilometre)
  • Maps and suggested tours of the area

Services not included:

  • Car hire with driver
  • Gasoline consumption: full tank - full tank, penalty € 20.00 in addition to gasoline consumption
  • Motorway tolls, parking lots and any fines
  • Off-site pick-up and drop-off: € 1.00 per km (round trip)

Driving requirements:

  • At least 23 years of age
  • 5 years of licensed experience
  • Credit card guarantee (Visa or MasterCard), PayPal account


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