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Fiat 500 R 1975

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  • fiat500 01
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Our car:

Our Fiat 500 R is a piece from 1975, different from the previous editions (nominal L or F) for the engine upgraded to 594 cc, power output to 18 hp and a synchronized gearbox for easier driving. This 500 was born and always lived in Verona, it still carries plates and documents from its first registration.

Purchased by us in 2017 from a friend who had been caring for her for many years lovingly. Our staff refreshed the bodywork respecting the original coloring with white code 233F, revised and inspected the engine.
This car has been recognized as being of historical and collector interest at the Italian Historical Automotor Club


Just a number can say everything, “ 500 “ synonymous with sympathy and the true Made in Italy . The Fiat 500 is the car that has set Italy in motion, the only one that we will never stop talking about. Its forms and its technical innovations are a true mix of tradition and technology, all concentrated in just under three meters. With more than 5,200,000 produced items in the Fiat assembly lines from 1957 to 1975, it still boasts an endless series of admirers.

Data sheet:

Brand Fiat
Model 500r
Year 1975
Engine air-cooled twin-cylinder
Engine displacement 574 cc
Power 18 hp
Drive wheel Posteriore
Weight 470 kg
Fuel Type Gasoline
Seats 4
Gearbox Manual
Inscription A.S.I.

Rental rates for this car:

1 day 2 days 3 days Extra day 1 week
€ 200 € 310 € 480 € 110 € 960
  • Prices include VAT.
  • 1 day rental: pick-up from 08:00 and drop-off by 19:00 at our office (penalty of € 20.00 for every half hour of delay)
  • 2 or more day rental: pick-up from 08:00 of the first day and drop-off by 19:00 of the last day at our office (penalty of € 20.00 for every half hour of delay)

Extra services:

  • Flower fitting for events
Reviews (1)
La tua recensione
We rented the car for a wedding ceremony. Not only was the owner very friendly and courteous—he explained us in detail how to handle the car—, but also all the organizational stuff went in an uncomplicated and highly time-efficient way. When bringing back the car the next day, everything went in the same way as the day before: quick, uncomplicated, friendly. I hereby want to highly recommend everybody rent cars at Signor Graziani's company! It couldn't have been better!
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Included services:

  • Car hire without driver of the vehicle
  • Roadside assistance 24/7
  • RC Insurance coverage, theft, fire and crystals
  • 150 km mileage limit (€ 1.00 per excess kilometre)
  • Maps and suggested tours of the area

Services not included:

  • Car hire with driver
  • Gasoline consumption: full tank - full tank, penalty € 20.00 in addition to gasoline consumption
  • Motorway tolls, parking lots and any fines
  • Off-site pick-up and drop-off: € 1.00 per km (round trip)

Driving requirements:

  • At least 23 years of age
  • 5 years of licensed experience
  • Credit card guarantee (Visa or MasterCard), PayPal account


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