Vintage car hire without driver in Verona

A vintage car for your wedding

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Do you know that even before seeing in awe the white dress, the guests at your wedding will be surprised by the bride's car?
Think about it! Try to put yourself for a moment in that day ...

The guests are waiting anxiously by the church door or at the entrance of the villa.
The hands of the groom's wristwatch run faster than the beats of his excited heart.
The invited children chase each other impatiently and play with the hanging balloons. The flowers all around give off the scent of love. And in the distance a vintage car is coming, with a vintage, elegant and sublime style. The first "wow" is definitely for the car.
Surprise the guests with a spectacular entrance too!

Renting a historic car for your wedding means leaving an indelible mark on the memories of the best day of your life.

It's not just a car... 

  • It is a car that immortalises the father and the daughter on a special journey

  • it is a car that becomes the frame of the first meeting between the future spouses

  • It is a car that accompanies husband and wife on their first trip together

  • The classic wedding car is the setting for perpetual photographs.

  • The classic wedding car is an intimate place to seal every memory.

  • The vintage car of the spouses enriches the marriage with the charm of the past.

Hire a car for the broom and the bride without a driver

Hiring a vintage car for your wedding makes it more magical and fantastic. It gives a touch of extreme elegance and retro style.
Renting a car from another time is a dream that you and your spouse can see come true by contacting me.

My name is Davide,
and I will aid you with my professionalism in choosing the car and customizing your first trip as husband and wife I am passionate and fascinated by the culture of historic cars and I take painstaking care of every detail of the car. I am attentive and curious to thoroughly understand your needs, so that you can enjoy this experience first-hand, and the guests as spectators, could enjoy the beauty of driving vintage car as well.
I speak to you, broom and bride, who dream of living in intimacy your first trip as husband and wife: by choosing one of the available cars, you will have the opportunity to hold the steering wheel of a model that is part of the automotive history in your hands , without having to share that moment with an unknown driver, or without having to ask for help from an unsuspecting guest. The cars at your disposal are simple to drive and offer you all the comforts of a historic car.
The future spouses who have always dreamed of personally driving a vintage car of historical interest come to me. With marriage, emotions double and memories will always be indelible. You will be lucky enough to drive in and relive a journey from a different time. You will hear the roar of an engine that you are no longer used to. You will slide on soft and welcoming seats that will pamper you throughout the journey.
Your wedding will go down in history, like these “treasures” which are even today appreciated for their sublime beauty.

Vintage cars for hire

Classic Drive Car Hire offers a vintage car collection composed of elegant and sporty cars to satisfy your desires and passions.

All the vehicles available have left their mark on the history of the automotive world, and I, together with trusted professionals, have had the pleasure of restoring them and adapting them to modern road requirements, always taking great care to keep their nature and characteristics intact.

I have a dream vintage car selection for the most important ceremony of your life. For a spring or summer wedding, you can choose from vintage roofless cars to savour the scents of flowers and warm temperatures.
For a winter wedding you can choose instead closed and elegant historic cars that will make you travel in a privileged seat.

The fleet consists of these spectacular cars:

  • All the historic cars you can rent are owned by us.
  • You can view each car at the venue.
  • They have been inspected, revised and recognized as being of historical and collector interest bye the Italian Historical Automotor club
  • Each model represents a mechanical treasure in excellent conditions and always subjected to the necessary checks to guarantee maximum reliability.
  • The offer does not include the driver because my desire is to be able to share the pleasure of driving cars that have made history.
  • I guarantee you punctual and totally personalized assistance, to make your wedding day a unique and unforgettable moment.

For such an important occasion, you will have the freedom to embellish the interior and bodywork with floral items in line with the style of your wedding. In this way you will show that you have taken care of every detail with great care.

Getting married in the city of Romeo and Juliet is a dream that can be realized. And I'm here to help you put the cherry on top of your dream day with the right car.

Contact me, to organize your customized event.

Included services:

  • Car hire without driver of the vehicle
  • Roadside assistance 24/7
  • RC Insurance coverage, theft, fire and crystals
  • 150 km mileage limit (€ 1.00 per excess kilometre)
  • Maps and suggested tours of the area

Services not included:

  • Car hire with driver
  • Gasoline consumption: full tank - full tank, penalty € 20.00 in addition to gasoline consumption
  • Motorway tolls, parking lots and any fines
  • Off-site pick-up and drop-off: € 1.00 per km (round trip)

Driving requirements:

  • At least 23 years of age
  • 5 years of licensed experience
  • Credit card guarantee (Visa or MasterCard), PayPal account

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