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Citroen Traction Avant 1952

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Our car:

Our Citroen Traction Avant 11BL Légère of 1952 carries a long history. Purchased in France in 1998, it was lovingly preserved by its French owner and later by a Veronese collector, an extreme connoisseur of Traction Avant . Our Citroen went to live for about 10 years in the Romagna Riviera, where it was minimally used. Repurchased and brought back to the Veronese territory to completely restore it not only mechanically but also regarding the interior upholstery and bodywork, with the aim of keeping it with the family for daily use. After a long courtship and a promise to cherish it and treat it lovingly, we managed to bring it into our rental, not before making a complete inspection and revision.
Driving it arouses feelings that you might never expect from a car that is more than 66 years old We thank Marzio for the passion and great proficiency with this type of car.


It could only be the expert hand of an Italian genius like Flaminio Bertoni to transform a plasticine block into a car so special that it is still today an icon of elegance, style and immortality: The Citroen Traction Avant.
Clearly, the great designer of Varese could not have predicted that a single car would not have been born from his work but a whole line. It starts from the previous 7A; to 7B; 7C; 11; limousine; family car (8-9 seats); Légère designed for ladies; Six with a 6-cylinder engine of 2867 cm3, in short there are up to 18 variants designed over the years to satisfy the desires and needs of a wider audience.
The innovative lines and aesthetics, the many tricks and technical solutions bring the Traction Avant to be like all Citroen cars a concentrate of industrial courage and pioneering that few other car manufacturers have ever equalled.
First car in the world with front-wheel drive, monocoque chassis, torsion bar front suspension that made it possible to have an independent front wheel.

4 or 6-cylinder in-line engines, the first for Citroen with overhead valves, cooling system aided by a hydraulic pump and removable overalls not made in the block. The engine is mounted on springs to reduce the transmission of vibrations towards the passenger compartment and other tricks that we still find on cars today.
Considering the longevity of the production we find few colors available: gray, blue, two-color specimens only in pre-war; but the classic black AC 201 dominates, very reminiscent of the Henry Ford philosophy for the production of MODEL T (“ Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black ")
It leaves the scene after a more than twenty years old production both from the French and the Belgian plants with a circulation that counts 250 units as pre-series in 1934, and 759,123 units as of 1957.
It gives way to another pillar of elegance and innovation that will amaze the world the Citroen DS.

Data sheet:

Brand Citroen
Model 11BL
Fitting Légère
Year 1952
Engine 4 overhead cylinder valves
Engine displacement 1911 cc
Power 56 hp
Traction Front
Weight 1035 kg
Fuel Type Gasoline
Seats 4
Gearbox Manual
Inscription A.S.I.

Rental rates for this car:

1 day 2 days 3 days Extra day 1 week
€ 350 € 460 € 550 € 110 € 990
  • Prices include VAT.
  • 1 day rental: pick-up from 08:00 and drop-off by 19:00 at our office (penalty of € 20.00 for every half hour of delay)
  • 2 or more day rental: pick-up from 08:00 of the first day and drop-off by 19:00 of the last day at our office (penalty of € 20.00 for every half hour of delay)

Extra services:

  • Flower fitting for events
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Included services:

  • Car hire without driver of the vehicle
  • Roadside assistance 24/7
  • RC Insurance coverage, theft, fire and crystals
  • 150 km mileage limit (€ 1.00 per excess kilometre)
  • Maps and suggested tours of the area

Services not included:

  • Gasoline consumption: full tank - full tank, penalty € 20.00 in addition to gasoline consumption
  • Motorway tolls, parking lots and any fines
  • Off-site pick-up and drop-off: € 1.00 per km (round trip)

Driving requirements:

  • At least 23 years of age
  • 5 years of licensed experience
  • Credit card guarantee (Visa or MasterCard), PayPal account


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